Hair Growth Serum

Achieve fuller, thicker hair with gúapo's Hair Growth Serum, a safe, effective, & doctor-approved solution by the men's health experts at GoRocky. Featuring 5% Minoxidil, our serum promises visible results in just 3-6 months. Ready for a transformation? Get yours now!


Delay Spray

Enhance endurance with GoRocky's Delay Spray, a secure, potent, and doctor-endorsed aid for lasting performance. Formulated for results with 10mg lidocaine, this spray empowers you to embrace moments of intimacy with confidence. Noticeable improvements can be anticipated promptly. Are you prepared for lasting change? Obtain yours today!

GoLonger Spray works by numbing the area affected.



Combat hair loss with Finasteride — see visible results and regain your confidence.

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  • Dr. Paulo Carlo Ramon Omaña, M.D

    Chief Section of Urology at Mission Medical Hospital

  • Dr. Michelle Slatensek, FPPAI

    M.D., Cosmetic Surgery/Dermatology at Slate Medical Clinic

  • Eric Roudel C. Ecalnir, M.D.

    M.D. in Urology

Made by the Men's Health Experts at GoRocky 🥼

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